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Work experience is offered to many high school students as a chance for a student to confirm his/her passion and determination to pursue many degree subjects that are directly related to particular subjects. In turn, the presence of work experience is the evidence behind the student’s passion in the applying subject and, therefore, acts as a plus factor to the admissions criteria.

However, even with a considerable amount of efforts, these competitive opportunities may be difficult to obtain. The following mentoring programme is designed to systematically approach work experience application to maximise the chances of successful results.



Read up on the potential institution list which is likely to be long to ensure at least one successful application with attention to the institution’s research areas

Cover Letter

Write institution specific cover letter that discuss reasons for wanting to learn what through the opportunity in a way that demonstrate the student’s academic interest areas that align with the institution’s research areas


Complete a professional looking resume to summarise the student’s academic background, submit the cover letter and resume as the application, follow up in email correspondence with replying institutions and prepare for any Skype interview requested


After successful enrolment to an institution, proofread and feedback work experience diary to ensure a meaning output that can be discussed in personal statement