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Our Institution

We offer expert advice and guidance to students applying for the most competitive universities and courses in the UK, based on up-to-date information, years of experience and input from the people who make admissions decisions at leading institutions.

Our main focus is on guiding applicants through the Oxbridge admissions process. However, we also specialise in providing advice to students applying to Imperial, LSE, UCL and other highly ranked UK universities, particularly for Medicine, Law, Economics and Engineering – the subjects with the most applicants and the toughest admissions criteria.

  • Expert team of consultants and mentors
  • 'All About UK University Admissions' Publicatio
  • 80+ successful Oxbridge Applicants and 300+ successful Imperial, LSE, UCL applicants since 2014

Why Choose Our Institution

We are able to draw on unrivalled experience and expertise to support you through every aspect of your dream university admissions.


We specialise in admissions services tailored to the top UK universities by an expert team of consultants and mentors


We offer accurate and reliable admissions guidance based on a large database of successful applicants and an outstanding network of contacts.


We deliver the best admissions results because we take full responsibility for all our students’ admissions success as seen in our track records.

Our Team

All of our mentors have graduated from Oxford, Cambridge or another elite UK university. This means that they have been through the admissions process themselves and well understand the anxieties faced by applicants to the most competitive universities.

Our team is composed of both UK native and international talents who have worked with students from all over the world. We understand the concerns and difficulties experienced by international students and know how to meet their needs. Below are some of our mentors from our 200+ mentor network:

Harry Lee

David L.

Kian N.

Lauren A.

Katharine C.

Billy H.

Edmond T.

Bela E.

Our Story

In my last 2 years of high school as an Oxford biochemistry applicant, I looked for advice and guidance from someone who has successfully been through the admissions process. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to connect with an Oxford biochemist. I understand and empathise with the prospective applicants the anxiety of not knowing what to and how to prepare for Oxbridge admissions. Therefore, I began my Oxbridge mentor career by founding this institution with the goal of connecting university applicants with university current students and graduates.

Harry Lee


Harry is a graduate with B.Sc and M.Sc in Biochemistry from Oxford University with an exchange year experience at Princeton University. Harry has started mentoring since his university years and enjoys seeing his students achieving their dream university admission goals.

All About UK University Admissions

This book is the work of our founder, Harry Lee, and a key mentor, Kian Yang Ng based on the insight and experience from years of guiding and mentoring many students on UK university admissions. There have also been helpful inputs and contributions by various mentors of our institution.

This is an answer to all those commonly asked questions and more. It is meant to be the definitive resource for students; everything they need to know about the UK university admissions process, in one book.



We have successfully guided over 80+ Oxbridge applicants and hundreds of Imperial, LSE, UCL applicants since 2014. Please refer to our track records as well as what some of our students say below:

Student Country/City University Degree
Dmytro UK Cambridge Computer Science
Kwan Wynn UK Cambridge Computer Science
Pearl UK Cambridge Law
Zi Suen UK Cambridge Medicine
Joseph UK Cambridge Engineering
Alice UK Cambridge Mathematics
Mcvey UK Cambridge Natural Science
Rutthakorn UK Oxford Engineering
Paul China Cambridge Land Economy
Samantha China Oxford Earth Science
Kim 00 Korea Cambridge Engineering
Kim 00 Korea Cambridge Natural Science

Student Country/City University Degree
Melany UK Cambridge Natural Science (Biological)
Tasha UK Cambridge Economics
Esther Ng UK Cambridge PBS
(Psychological Behavioural Sciences)
Dhivarkar UK Cambridge Mathematics
Thomas UK Cambridge Natural Sciences (Biological)
Joy China Cambridge Mathematics
Ma China/Sichuan Cambridge Natural Science (Physical)
Yu China/Shenzhen Cambridge PBS
(Psychological Behavioural Sciences)
Yu China/Shenzhen Oxford Engineering
Zhao China/Shenzhen Oxford Physics
Zhou China/Shenzhen Oxford Mathematics
Huang China/Shenzhen Oxford Material Science

Student Country/City University Degree
Haymandhra UK Cambridge Engineering
Pelden UK Cambridge Computer Science
Hou Shenzhen Oxford Engineering
Gao Shenzhen Oxford Physics
Fu Shenzhen Oxford Chemistry
Margaret Shenzhen Cambridge Land Economy
Zhu Shenzhen Cambridge Natural Science (Physical)
Chen Shanxi Cambridge Mathematics
Suo Dalian Oxford Mathematics
Lee Korea Oxford Mathematics
Lee Korea Oxford PPE
Kim Korea Oxford Chemistry
Yang Korea Cambridge Architecture
Choi Korea Cambridge Natural Science (Biological)
Choi Korea Cambridge Economics
Lee Korea Cambridge Mathematics

Student Country/City University Degree
Wang Guangzhou Oxford Chemistry
Fu Shenzhen Oxford Engineering
Wang Shenzhen Oxford Engineering
Yang Shenzhen Oxford Engineering
Xue Qingdao Oxford Mathematics
Kim Korea Oxford Mathematics
Kim Korea Oxford Engineering

Student Country/City University Degree
Cao China Oxford Chemistry
Wang China Oxford Chemistry
Anonymous Korea Oxford Biochemistry
Anonymous Korea Oxford PPE
Lee Korea Cambridge Computer Sciences
Hong Korea Cambridge Natural Sciences

Student Country/City University Degree
Gwon Korea Oxford Biochemistry
Lee Korea Cambridge Medicine
Fitzsimons UK Cambridge Engineering
Yang Beijing Oxford Chemistry
Ning Tianjin Oxford Art
Song Shanghai Oxford Chemistry
Anonymous Shanghai Oxford Maths & Philosophy
Xing Qingdao Oxford Psychology & Philosophy
Lee Shenzhen Oxford Chemistry
Huang Shenzhen Oxford Chemistry
Wilson Singapore Oxford Biochemistry
Wong Malaysia Cambridge Architecture

Student Country/City University Degree
Kim Korea Oxford Law
Anonymous Korea Oxford Geography
Anonymous Korea Oxford Law
Wang Beijing Oxford Maths & Computer Science
Yang Beijing Oxford Maths & Statistics
Yu Hong Kong Oxford Chemistry
Tsui Hong Kong Oxford PPE
Lam Hong Kong Oxford Art
Lee Singapore Cambridge Economics
Wu Singapore Oxford Chemistry
Diwarkar UK Oxford Biochemistry
Lawson UK Oxford Chemistry
Anonymous UK Oxford Natural Science
Bartoszcze Poland Oxford Economics & Business