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We offer expert advice and guidance to students applying for the most competitive universities and courses in the UK, based on up-to-date...

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Our experts have carefully designed our university admissions programme to ensure participants submit high-quality applications to their...

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Our services are professional with an Oxbridge team, accurate with insight based on years of experience and verified with track record...

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Our main focus is on guiding applicants through the Oxbridge admissions process. However, we also specialise in providing advice to students applying to Imperial, LSE, UCL and other highly ranked UK universities, particularly for Medicine, Law, Economics and Engineering – the subjects with the most applicants and the toughest admissions criteria.

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All of our mentors have Oxbridge backgrounds in different degrees, colleges and nationalities.

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Harry has helped me a lot with the personal statement and the interview preparation. The mock interviews I had with some Oxford students gave me a better understanding of how Oxford conduct the interviews. The academic ability matters more when applying for British universities. Harry and other tutors recommended two books during my application, one on principles of organic reactions and one on thermodynamics. These two books equipped me with more comprehensive chemistry knowledge, which showed my strong academic ability in the personal statement and made it more impressive.

All these tutoring courses are in English. At the beginning, I was worrying about my poor explanation of chemistry knowledge in English, as a result of small vocabulary and inaccurate pronunciation, because I didn’t know how to say the words. However, after the work done for the interview, as well as the mock interviews with Harry and other GuruMe tutors, I have improved a lot on elaborating chemistry knowledge before the admission interview.


Oxford Chemist

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Oxford Math

You play a game with a coin not necessarily fair. If you throw heads...

Engineering Cambridge

On a clear day, you are on an aeroplane which is at 38,000 ft above...

Biochemistry Oxford

Given that the selectivity filter is lined with carbonyl oxygens, how might...

Essay Examples


The first time I decided that I really wanted to study a Mathematics degree was after reading Simon Singh’s ‘Fermat’s Last Theorem’. I was captivated by his description of Andrew Wiles’ struggle to prove one of the most difficult problems in Mathematics...

  • UK
  • Oxford, Imperial, Bristol
  • Law

    The importance of the judicial system to a fully functioning and vibrant society has been of interest to me since encountering various articles that illustrate controversies of the legal system. In particular, reading a recent article about a potential miscarriage...

  • UK
  • Oxford, UCL, Durham