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12 Jun

Education in the UK
<p><strong>Introduction</strong></p><p>Universities in the UK have a long and illustrious tradition of serving as institutions for higher learning. Within their hallowed halls, students from across the globe gather in search of knowledge and insight. And in time, these students will go on to shape the world with their new found understanding.</p><p><strong>Universities in the UK</strong></p><p>As with the Ivy League in the US, universities in the UK are grouped and ranked. Oxbridge typically refers to the universities of Oxford and Cambridge while the term Russell Group is much broader and includes 24 top end universities in the UK. Often times, Russell Group is used to refer to world class universities in London such as King’s College, LSE, Imperial and UCL.</p><p><strong>Advantages</strong></p><p><i>Course Length</i></p><p>Applying to a UK university brings with it certain advantages. In terms of courses, many universities offer bachelor and master programmes. Students finish their bachelor degree in 3 years and go on to attain a masters after 1 additional year. This is a relatively short amount of time compared to places like the US where the same process would take 6 years (4 years for a bachelor degree and 2 years for the masters).</p><p><i>Prospects</i></p><p>A degree from the UK is highly prized by employers in many countries and England is without doubt an attractive destination when deciding where to further one’s education.</p><p><strong>Alternatives to Applying Directly</strong></p><p>Traditionally, students would apply to the UK university of his or her choice and complete their entire degree at that university over the course of 3 years.</p><p>Nowadays, there are more options available to students. Some universities like Warwick offer a 2 + 2 pathway where 2 years of studies are completed at a partner university and the last 2 years are spent at Warwick.</p><p>For engineering and computer science students at Hong Kong University (HKU), there is an existing arrangement with the University of Cambridge where students spend 2 years studying in Hong Kong and three years at Cambridge. The students then graduate with a BA and M. Eng degree from Cambridge as well as a Bachelor of Engineering degree from HKU.</p><p>In summary, there are alternative application paths which may be available for you depending on the subject that you’re interested in and these are also worth considering.</p>