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Leslie H.
  • Oxford, law
  • Singapore (I teach online (still teaching as of year 2020 and 2021), please contact me at or +65 97325081)
Hi, I graduated from St Catherine's College, Oxford with a Law degree in 2014. I have a number of years of tutoring experience, and in University, also attended many outreach and admissions events where we reach out to teachers of pre-university schools to familiarise them with the Oxford admissions process.      If you're representing a school and would like to invite me to participate in outreach/admissions briefing events, please feel free to contact me at     For applicants, I do believe that extra preparation goes a long way to showcasing one's full potential at the admissions tests and interviews. Attending your desired University is a once in a lifetime opportunity! When I was applying, there were people who gave me guidance as well so I am thankful for that and I hope I can do the same for many others.

            I will teach according to your goals and what you want to achieve. If it is additional mock interview sessions you want, I will run them through with you. However if you prefer a more structured approach where I determine what you should focus on, that will work too as I have lots of experience with helping people through the admissions process.      I believe that practice is really important and I may set "homework" in between our sessions which we will discuss during the sessions. I will also try to answer any questions you may have at any point, not just within the confines of our lessons.

            7 years.     I have taught many students. I specialize in helping students with:  1. Interview preparation for the Oxford/Cambridge law interview   2. LNAT preparation  3. Anything related to the admissions process for applying to read Law (e.g. personal statement advice, recommended reading etc)  4. TSA (Thinking Skills Assessment) preparation

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