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Given that there is a set syllabus for the admissions tests, the most efficient preparation is to work through in topic-specific and question style specific manner instead of working through yearly papers and conduct timed mock tests with the most recent 2~3 years of past papers. Topic-specific/ question style specific question book is organised into class and homework worksheets.


Following the Oxbridge tutorial system, students pre-study/revise class topic materials and completes homework question worksheets (which are then submitted before class). In class. mentor runs through commonly made mistakes from homework worksheets as well as additional class question worksheets.

A-Level/IB materials are not studied in class. If there are topics not yet covered from school, students need to self-study such topics. Students in need of help with A-Level/IB studies may request for extra class. In this way, the class hours may be small but the amount of materials learnt is large.


Below are some of the test-specific questionbanks developed: